There is no free market in health care

There is no free market for health care. You cannot craft a free market for health care. Conditions under which people need health care inherently destroy the prerequisites for a market. It is impossible to build a system that will deliver effective health care without recognizing the limitations of unregulated markets.

Federalism is your friend

Collapsing federal power presents states like California with an opportunity. California has not enacted single payer health care for one over-arching reason – their decision to cede leadership to the federal government. A collapse of federal power may reinvigorate state efforts to craft and refine smart public policy. In same way Massachusetts inspired the ACA, a new wave of state innovations may spawn an era of policy innovation that could break us out of decades of quagmire. In chaos, there is opportunity. If Democrats ever again want to lead in Washington, let them prove that they can lead in California.