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    mary guercio

    The Guardian reports on a plan T is pursuing that will truly test Iran’s patience. He is hell-bent on creating as much chaos abroad as he is in the U.S. Only, will he find powers as willing to grovel as the GOP is doing?

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    Dinsdale Pirannha

    Mary, I have no knowledge whether the puppet tyrant has the “right” to declare the Islamic Revolutionary Guards as terrorists. I would not doubt he would, given his depth of insanity. I truly, truly hope, that Iran, and the rest of the planet, recognizes the madness of this regime, and develops, as quickly as possible nuclear weapons. Nukes will not stop a total madman, but those truly, complet6ely insane are rare. We can only hope that the puppet tyrant is one that values his own skin.

    I want EVERY technological country stating flatly that they have nukes squarely pointed at the U.S. The only position that the demagogue, and political progeny (make no mistake, someone far worse than this idiot WILL assume power in the next 20 years) recognizes is the power to push back the U.S. 50 years in technological advancements.

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    Dinsdale Pirannha

    Mary, we have reached a point where the only hope we have is for some secret service agent to turn around and kill the psychotic. I am certain that this regime will drop nukes on North Korea and/or Iran if the puppet tyrant is allowed to remain in control. And well, the effects of this regime on the global warming efforts…..And that is even before we get into the assault on low income earners, women, and races other than white.

    Do I sound like some crazed bigot who hated Obama posting on the Breitbart page? Yup. But I think oh so many more people around the planet agree with me. If the world woke up tomorrow to read that the puppet tyrant was dead, there would be a massive sigh of relief by billions of people, immediately followed by howls of faux rage about derailing the democratic process.

    The republican party is far too interested in maintaining power to actually support any efforts to shut down this regime. The democratic process will fail to stop the tyrant.

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    Let’s not call for the assassination of the President of the American Republic, please.

    (If the FBI are reading this post, hello! My very best wishes to Mr Mueller and I hope the weather is pleasant in Virginia this autumn.)

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      mary guercio

      I am certainly not advocating violence like this. Our democratic process is on life support but it’s still functioning. We need to get more people who share our concerns to vote and change the mix in Congress etc.

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