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    The prospect of a Trump administration gives Nixon’s lawyer nightmares:

    So how much will he get away with?

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    mary guercio

    Trump announcing today that the low polls showing him entering office as less popular than any recent president are “rigged”…….just like all the election polls were…..

    I so hope people don’t watch or attend his inauguration and that the number of people who attend the women’s march are embarrassingly large in contrast the next day. Spiteful, but he is such an ass.

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      I signed up for the Houston march this Saturday. There are almost 13,000 RSVPs right now.

      I’ll try to think of a sign (and I’m open to suggestions). The sign instructions are :”Please feel free to bring and present your creative, positive, and individualized signs celebrating human rights, diversity, freedom, and equality for all. As this is a peaceful march and not a protest, we do ask that any individualized signs avoid using any strong anti-Trump rhetoric.”

      My first inclination would be a sign that said “Hey Trump, if you don’t want bad press, clean up your act!”, but that probably wouldn’t fit those instructions. I’m agreeing to play by their rules by signing up.

      Also, Friday will be a total news blackout day for me. Not watching it, listening to it, or reading about it.

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      mary guercio

      I would give my right arm to be able to march with you on Saturday. I will be with you in spirit.

      Here’s what a couple of my friends are doing on Friday morning …. as their little way of protesting….they’re going to the movies to see Hidden Figures (-;

      May I suggest that instead of blocking the news feed, that you deliberately select a different news feed so that “their” ratings will increase. I don’t care if it’s the western channel or the weather channel…

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    Aaron Dow

    One of the few things I’m looking forward to with regard to this administration is seeing those before/after pictures of presidents going from rosy faced young whippersnappers to drained husks with a thousand yard stare.

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      Creigh Gordon

      Yes but those other guys took the Presidency seriously.

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      True, but Donnie yearns to be worshipped, and he’s going to get a whole lot of contempt thrown at him. I concluded that I couldn’t stand him decades ago, but as long as he was just a reality TV star (and not messing with the real estate in my neck of the woods) I could safely ignore him. Obviously that has changed, and I’m far from the only person who loathes him. He’s so thin-skinned that even his denials of reality can’t completely shield him.

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      mary guercio

      Yes, Creigh, that grey hair and facial lines happen faster when you’re deeply committed to solving serious problems.

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