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    Robin R.

    I have long avoided headlines and hot takes, instead waiting for the dust to settle on the truth of situations. But lately I’ve been following the news every day, looking for any new sign that the Trumpism is on its way out. But today I might have hit my breaking point. Ailes, Mueller, “witch hunts,” Flynn, Trump, etc have sent my need-to-know attitude into a head-in-the-sand inclination. I’m pulled in so many directions I don’t even know where to go anymore. I know it’s important to stay engaged, keep taking active steps to protect the Republic, but sheesh, this is all just too much to choose from.

    Anyone else feeling a pull to check out on this whole thing?

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    Chris Ladd

    At some point, it makes sense to adopt an “enough rope” strategy for dealing with a flailing enemy. What people should really be thinking about now is how to organize political movements in the environment that emerges after Trump. How are you going to galvanize activism? What policies and messages are going to keep a movement together? How are you going to cope with the backlash of a win (remember 2010?).

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    Hi Robin, I can relate. I’ve been a news junkie for years, but these days I find that I must take periodic time outs from the news/online chatter because there’s a lot of pretty depressing stuff. I’d say remember that you can’t fight all the battles, so pick the ones that are doable and most important. And beware of confirmation bias.

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    Robin R.

    Oh hey, thanks for replying. I kinda fell off of the politics for a while there. Partly because I needed a news break, and partly because I decided to apply for grad school. Got that all squared away for now, and back to trying to figure out how best to effect change for the better.

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