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    Ken Rhodes

    On July 31 President Trump will make his first Medal of Honor presentation. The recipient will be James McCloughan, now 71 years old, who was a 23 year old Army medic in Vietnam at the time of his noted action.

    The presentation will be very unusual, in that it will be for heroic action 48 years ago. President Trump will likely make a big deal of the fact that he is able to go back to long-ago actions that deserved this honor, and how proud he is that he is the one to make this award to such a man who has long deserved the award, but was overlooked until now.

    While the President is blathering on about himself, we should remember a few facts he won’t mention:

    a. It was President Obama’s SecDef Ash Carter who recommended the upgrade of McCloughan’s nomination from DSC to Medal of Honor.

    b. It was President Obama’s administration that caused the waiver of the 5-year limit for Medal of Honor nominations.

    c. It was President Obama’s SecDef Eric Fanning who signed McCloughan’s Medal of Honor Certificate in December of 2016.

    d. It was outgoing President Obama who could have made the Medal presentation during the final days of his outgoing administration, but instead left it for incoming President Trump, in the (naive) belief that any incoming President ought to have a few “good news” items to enjoy during those first stress-filled weeks in office.

    e. It was President Trump who put this in his pocket for six months.

    BTW, if you want to read about Jim McCloughan, a helluva man in every sense:
    A life well lived. His mother would be very proud.

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    One must remember that a Medal of Honor is not awarded for self serving actions. It is awarded for actions that are above and beyond the call of duty. Those always involve putting others above one’s self interest. He saved 10 lives, despite having been wounded himself and refusing evacuation.

    As you stated, the Trump will likely blather on about himself. He avoided service during Vietnam by student deferments and a final medical deferment for heel spurs. He now claims they were temporary, they were not much of a problem and went away. I lived through that era and I know that many well-to-do people were able to avoid military service at that time by less than honorable methods. We also know how ethical Trump has been in his business life.

    One can draw their own conclusions, regarding the ethics of the two.

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