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    Creigh Gordon

    Democrats lose badly in rural areas, in part because they have no plan for the economic and social crisis there. That needs to change.

    The Big Picture: Resource Extraction

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    Chris Ladd

    By the way, I think you’re right here. It is more than an opportunity. Unless we have a revolution and get a new constitution, reaching out to rural voters will be an imperative.

    As populations further concentrate into cities, the disproportionate power of rural voters is only going to get worse. By 2050, less than 30% of voters will elect almost three quarters of the Senate. You can’t sustain a democracy that way. In fact, that isn’t anything remotely like a democracy. Unless rural priorities are incorporated into both party’s national platforms, you’re looking at a trend that could crater our government.

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      mary guercio

      The Democrats have always shared the values of the working class and, used to represent rural voters, for many of the same reasons. I don’t disagree that the Dems got lazy, didn’t listen to the problems and needs of this sector, but they won’t have to literally lie to them to reach out again.

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    Daniel Farina

    It is hard to have a plan. I’m deeply vexed over what can be sustainably done out there while remaining to rural living preference. Maybe nothing can, and the goal should be to build small cities that have more vitality and to get people to move there. But this takes a long time (the human element, not the construction) and is no certain thing.

    I’ve thought quite a bit about what can be done for California’s rural folks, and it’s hard. Many are not very happy, but I don’t think they’re unhappy for reasons under government control, though it doesn’t seem that those who remain think that way…

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      Creigh Gordon

      It is hard to have a plan, or at least a good one. Donald Trump has a plan (“Make America Great Again”) that probably won’t work the way his rural supporters hope. It shouldn’t be hard to have a better plan than that.

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