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    Here is a very interesting take on the whole border wall concept:

    (Thanks to David Brin for posting that in his blog).

    If Trump actually signed on to a cooperative venture with Mexico to build such an extended array of solar power stations south of the border, I’d find myself in agreement. Probably would piss off the coal constituency, but win-win for so many more people.

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    mary guercio

    But, but, that won’t keep the brown people out!!! Heard a discussion today about the problems the TX Leg. is experiencing trying to meet needs/wants with reduced revenue due to energy sector decline. The speaker actually stated that the leg. is hoping that Trump will build the wall asking others to pay for it so as to free up $$ from the TX budget! Never mind that TX is sitting on a billion dollar rainy day fund, or that they are under federal court orders to meet special ed services and foster care mandates….they “must” balance the TX budget because…….that’s what Republicans do!

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