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    Creigh Gordon

    The way forward for progressives

    Capitalism is being destroyed from within, by short-sighted opportunists. As a response, populist movements have arisen on both the right and the left; the choice seems to me between those two, not on continuing on the current path.

    “It would therefore be a grave mistake to explain away the seduction of the ‘Trumpenproletariat’ by the far right as a case of false consciousness; the working classes are simply turning to the only (so far) movements and parties that promise them some protection from the brutal currents of neoliberal globalisation (whether they can or truly intend to deliver on that promise is a different matter)…Trump for all his shortcomings presented an anti-establishment voice, which was radical and compelling. Clearly, the reality of his Presidency will turn out to be different but he at least understood that an anti-establishment frame was essential.”

    “The book traces both the history of the decline into neo-liberalism by the Left and also presents what might be called a ‘Progressive Manifesto’ to guide policy design and policy choices for progressive governments… In today’s blog I present some notes that will form the conclusion of the book.”

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