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    Hi, been gone for many moons but found this blog again. Not familiar with the workings of this so don’t know how this will look when I submit it. Took me a few tries to remember my login information.

    I think we can safely assume after the fiasco of the previous days that Trump is illiterate, incoherent, shockingly ignorant and either crazier than a shit house (is that term allowed?) rat or has dementia that is worsening by the day. Only his true, die hard “deplorables” aka white supremacist, uneducated or the willfully ignorant can still support him fully. This man is truly dangerous and seems to have no clue what is at stake, has no respect for the office and changes with the wind depending on who the last person he talks to is and gets his info from FOX of all things! In his words “I don’t stand by anything”. He makes me long for GWB and that’s saying something

    I looked for this topic on the main page but didn’t find anything recent. I was hoping Chris would have a topic on it. The link pretty sums up the last few days.

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    Creigh Gordon

    Might be time to think about an impeachment pool. It feels to me like Trump is on a trajectory for impeachment, if he doesn’t change direction at some point. And I don’t think the odds of change for the better are good. John Boehner proved that Republicans alone could never agree on an agenda, so Trump’s only chance to get some useful things done for his base was to put together a coalition including some Democrats. He poisoned that well, that door is closed, he’s likely to just get more frustrated and unhinged…

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      Impeachment is very likely unless he steps down due to “health reasons”. He definitely does not look well lately though. He was always disgusting looking but now he’s even more bloated and he looks extremely stressed out. Some interesting reading on his behavior.

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      Aaron Dow

      Trump’s health is another one of those areas that drives me crazy about the double standard of those on the right. They kept hitting Hillary over and over again on her health, and yet they’re voting on a person whose skin is permanently stained from years of tanning beds, and who thinks exercise drains your precious bodily fluids.

      Considering the before / after pictures of Presidents otherwise interested in good health, a part of me is genuinely curious what will happen to this dude in the office for any protracted length of time.

      To his credit, though, apparently he requires work to end by 6:30pm so that he can rest and he has all those golf vacations, so he might turn out okay. And the benefit to us is that that’s time he’s not spent fucking breaking shit, so…

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    Yes, Trump voters are hypocrites of the highest order. The voters who still support him are also traitors to the US and the Constitution. There is still a hardcore base pissed off that his his “lock her up” mantra isn’t materializing which I find really abhorrent. Really? That’s why they voted for him? To continue a witch hunt…..

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    mary guercio

    What gets me is how Trump skirts the law so tightly and doesn’t get called on it. Here’s a Forbes breakdown on his and his family’s foundation “business”. If this were Hillary or Obama, they would be tarred and feathered. Trump? Meh.

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