Why white people won’t talk about race

Nice people don’t talk about race. It’s a white cultural convention that rendered Republicans impotent against an onslaught of racist rhetoric from figures like Donald Trump and Roy Moore. It’s a idea that has to die before it kills us.

I hope Republicans pass Graham-Cassidy

By passing this bill, Republicans would face the consequences at the ballot box before anyone gets killed by their stupidity. If you want to see universal health care someday, and you want to see Republicans gutted in the 2018 mid-terms, Graham-Cassidy is an ironic gift.

When climate change ruins your living room

People who’ve made a living pretending climate change isn’t real have been operating under one critical assumption – the physical, life-threatening outcomes of global warming won’t arrive for many decades. They were wrong. In fact, even most climate researchers have been surprised by the accelerating pace of climate change.

Happy Labor Day

It may be true that workers benefit from organization, but a 19th century union model may not be the best way to accomplish that objective.