Imagining an endgame

How does this mess end? There are too many equally likely scenarios to have any confidence in an outcome. For the sake of entertainment, here is one possible scenario.

Enough rope…

One or two years under a Republican budget, with a Republican health care plan, and a Trumpian foreign policy might be just the kind of rock-bottom experience it takes to sober us up. Will there be damage? Yes. Will it be severe? Probably. Will it harm a lot of innocent people who don’t deserve it? You bet. Compare it to the consequences of a low-grade civil conflict and it seems pretty merciful.

There is no free market in health care

There is no free market for health care. You cannot craft a free market for health care. Conditions under which people need health care inherently destroy the prerequisites for a market. It is impossible to build a system that will deliver effective health care without recognizing the limitations of unregulated markets.